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Unfold is the truth we desire, to process the truth that we hear and face every single day of our life. It’s the story that will guide you through the obstacles that life has in store for you on this journey. Every single person has faced many different obstacles and traveled many different roads, all that leads to the strength and courage they have today. Today to wake up being grateful, vibrant, and just keeping it simple.

The story in everyone’s book will be different and that is okay. Nothing will be the same today as it was yesterday or going to be tomorrow. Play your cards right that you were dealt with. Because with those cards, you are the one that controls your future, not someone else. Find what guides you with each card that you play.

Will it guide you to a new opportunity, a possible adventure, an obstacle of learning, etc. The possibilities are endless. But the truth is, with each card you are dealt with, there you will only be two options for you to choose from. Why is that? The first option will be except it for what is and go with it or ignore it and have regret. You have the power to choose your path.


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