• Meg McClymont


Words can inspire you in so many different ways. There are many different languages, but all have the same words and definitions. The inspiring words that you choose to reflect your lifestyle and your situation to what happened to you in the past. To what you went through and the words you choose is your key to keep pushing forward to the better. Words can be so many things that will affect us in the strangest of ways, sometimes you realize it and other times you don’t.

Don’t let the words bring you down, for that you are stronger than words being said. Have a strong mindset to push through the wall of negative words that fill the voices of darkness that are surrounding

you. To find the light and beautiful words that fill the new voices of light.

Voices of dark and voices of light, for the direction of sight to guide me through whatever is to come. The moon light to guide me through the night and the sun to guide through the day.

Challenge: Choose 3 words that helps you to keep pushing forward.

My 3 are:

Hope – to give me the strength to know there are smoother waves to come

Confidence – to be yourself in this continuously growing world, in every situation and whatever you have to be faced with

Determination – to have mindset to whatever you want to come out of your ideas, goals, and whatever you are chasing in life and have something come out of it


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