• Meg McClymont


Guidance is in our every day life. Involving the small to biggest of tasks that we take on. Everything that you take on is moving forward in the direction you are heading towards. Everyone is heading in different directions to their own callings.

The callings that will start out as a whispering voice inside you of until it works it's way up to screaming to you that you must go in this one direction. Once you start heading in that direction, you start to realize why you were being called in that direction. Clarity to what needs to be done. And what you need to do to grow aspects of your life that you feel like you are struggling in.

Your heart knows what you need and when you need it. Don't mess with that system but when opportunities are thrown in that rhythm to make it unbalanced for a second, do you fit it in with the going rhythm or do you just pass it up?

By leaving the safe ground of familiar sights, sounds, and smell - find and discover ones on your guidance travels. Finding and discovering in the new by continuing to work hard. Working hard in what your guidance and direction is calling you for.

I hope that you listen to your guidance and to where your heart is calling you towards.


  1. Clarity - Andy Kong

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  3. High Hopes - Panic! At The Disco


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