• Meg McClymont


Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Hey Nomad Crew.

Well this first half of the summer went by quickly. I learned a lot on this journey.

Learning to be more independent with investing and budgeting. Which did take some learning but I got a handle on it. When you move, you have this new level of independence you have to adapt to. Like making sure you are on top of your bills, what your insurance or insurances will cover and won't cover, unexpected medical expenses (trust me, I learnt this one with getting almost severe gastro infection), and making sure you aren't putting to much on your visa but making sure you are able to pay that off.

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Being able to get out of my comfort zone, I have noticed my perspective and attitude has changed in a way I don't recognize myself. Don't worry if you have that happen to you, you will start recognizing that new you. That new you, will help with expressing more of yourself, learning about new triggers and leaving some old triggers behind, and learning to react and response to similar situations in a more calm and respectful way. Being more aware of how people are probably feeling when you start to react in a respectable and non "sassy" attitude type of way. Hopefully that made sense.

What may feel strange at first will become your new comfort zone. Express yourself in a way that shows your truest self, who you truly are, and not hiding behind a wall of shyness. Learning to love yourself in a new way that will help you stay in this new mindset of growth and independence. Stop letting others determine who you are, you can decide and create this life for yourself. Enough is enough, starting doing what you want to do, on your own terms and with your own rules.

One of my biggest tips that helped me develop my new mindset and helped adjust my attitude was a small piece of BC to remind me everything is okay back there and I shouldn't be over thinking things and letting myself get jealous of the situations I don't have control over. And I have learnt, that is okay and just breathe. Just respond to the information you are given once you get back and handle it with respect + a clear mindset then response accordingly. That's all you can do because you have control of what response you give.

I know last year when I came home, I felt like my work wasn't done here but now I feel like my work is has been completed. What I was missing from last year to this year was complete attitude and perspective adjustment, to be less jumping to conclusions and over thinking things before I knew all the facts. And there is no real reason to be jealous over stupid and pointless stuff.

My lessons and advice will be:

1. just breathe, everything will work out and be okay

2. stop doubting yourself because it's hard and new

3. learn to adapt to your new surrounds

4. speaking up when you need something or need help with something

5. trusting your gut with the decisions you are making or have to make

6. coming home is always the right decision

7. spending time with family and friends that you haven't seen in a year is a priority

8. making time for yourself isn't selfish, it's needed to be able to recharge your batteries so you aren't feeling drained and cranky

9. pay attention to what your body is telling you

10. treating yourself on vacation to allowed

11. don't over spend when shopping, if you are still looking through the store after x amount of laps, you are done shopping with whatever you put in cart or basket

12. try and experience new things in the new location you are living and explore the surrounding areas

13. work on your hobbies and side hustle in your free or down time

14. packing cubes are your friends when trying to pack everything into 2 suitcases

15. don't change because others want you to change, you change when you know it's time to change

This trip home was needed in a lot of ways as you just read. If you are living away from home for school or work, book a flight or take a road trip home. It's so important for your mindset and for you to become re-grounded and get your caliber reset. When a opportunity happens, I understand that it might be something you need to do but forgot where you come from. Where you come from is where you grew up, it's where your memories have started creating and capturing, and all your family and friends are there waiting for your return. Home will always be home, don't forgot that. Doesn't where we go, we always find our way back home.


1. People Back Home - Florida Georgian Line

2. Hometown Kids - The Reklaws

3. Coming Home - Keith Urban

4. Back Home - Andy Grammer

5. Coming Home - Diddy Dirty Money

6. Home - Machine Gun Kelly

7. Home - Nick Jonas

8. All Roads Lead Home (Hobbs and Shaw Remix) by Ohana feat. Token



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