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To continue on with the topic of traveling and how in my last post I talked about why travel.

Traveling can do so much for us.

It's all about the adventure of letting go of everything and learning to gain control again. Allowing to change when there is nothing holding you back no more. Changing and developing new characteristics along the way. Involving into a new version of yourself while traveling.

Traveling has been a part of us since day one a million years ago. It's ingrained within us to travel and let it choose our path to each destination we end up traveling to. Traveling is an elder of guidance that is showing you your path that will allow you to open the doors that need to be open on this trip you are on and what doors need to be open next trip. The doors that are on your path are planned down to the T.

Accept the doors that present themselves to you and open them with the right key. When you travel to a place, you will find many keys that were planted there for you. Travel has planted these keys for the doors they want you to find then unlock when a new opportunity or experience comes along.

Side note: When I was traveling in Mexico a couple of years ago, I wanted to see how life truly was in the remote areas. Then the following day the tour guide we had at the resort that books all the activities asked if we wanted to go on an off-roading adventure to visit the remote towns that were about 3-5 hours away. These towns were in the jungles and mountains. It was truly an off-roading adventure. So overall, we jumped at this opportunity that knocked, my family and I all agreed on it. This adventure answered a lot of the questions I was searching for like what I wanted to do after high school, how to become more minimal, to travel more, how to make an impact on people through social media, etc. And now, in the end, 4 and 1/2 years, those questions that were answered have become reality. Travel pointed me in the direction of Mexico to give me the perspective to create and form Nomad Adventures Co. 

After this experience, I hope that you allow Travel to present itself to you and allow it to guide you with the direction you need in order to grow and get through whatever you are going through.

Make a list of all the trips you want to go on then start narrowing it down until Travel has presented you with your next travel destination. Once you have that destination picked out, start planning the experiences and events you want to do. Then once on that trip, go with what you have but also go with the flow of what Travel has planned for you.

Dare to live the life you always wanted.

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