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Hey Nomad Crew

Today's post is in collaboration with PoooliPrint. This company is an image printer company. The little device of a printer is great to pack easily along all of your travels. The printer inquires NO INK to print your images which is truly amazing! You can connect the printer to your device through the BlueTooth feature. You can choose from different printer paper styles such as sticky paper 3 rolls, white paper 3 rolls, colored paper 3 rolls, sticky semi-transparent paper 1 roll, labels 3 rolls, sticky colored paper 6 rolls, colored edges paper 3 rolls, blueprints on white paper 3 rolls, and red prints on white paper 3 rolls. They also have cases that you can use for your printer that comes in 4 colored hard cases (blue, yellow, green, and pink), faux leather protection with a hooked lanyard, and a transparent hard case. If you feel like you need to protect your printer then definitely feel free to add a case to your order.

Whichever one you choose and fits your journaling style, you can put the paper roll into your printer then print them off then place them in your journal and or planner if some of you are into that as well. By placing them into your journal, you can write about the experience that occurred, the reason why you captured that moment, the amazing location you traveled to, etc. There are a thousand reasons why people do photography and what each moment means to them. For me, it's the location that teaches me a lesson or gives me a message that I need to learn from or something that is inspirational.

Travel journaling is all about reflection and inspiration. Reflecting on the moment that is occurring and the reason why you choose that location to travel to. Inspiration to grow your brand, business, and yourself. Journaling while traveling can help ease the emotions that you will experience the excitement of being in this location, the anxiety of figuring out certain things like budgeting and getting around the area, keeping track of the places you visited during your visit, things you learned about the area, and keeping track of the foods you tried (if you are a foodie like me then you know what I mean).

Traveling can consist of flying, train, day trips, road trips, and ferry. It doesn't matter how you reach your new or old destination it's still an adventure that is waiting for you. Another adventure for you to capture the memory of that adventure you explored on your travels. I capture my adventures through filming and taking photographs. Then write down the emotions and experiences through feelings in my journal. Last year, I toke filming a little more seriously, just to document an adventure that I couldn't put in words because the location didn't seem real. And yes, we will have those adventures that feel like that and that is completely normal for your mind to see it that way.

Youtube channel and the video I filmed the adventure that made me feel like that is when I went up north to the Yukon and Alaska. I have explored parts of Alaska in the past couple of years but Skagway and Dyea, oh my word. Just the beauty of the location nestled in the mountains but by the water was amazing.

Here are a few questions for you that will get you thinking when we are able to explore again:

1. Why did you choose this location and give yourself 5 valued reasons?

2. How are you going to reflect on this trip? (your mindset, your physical body, and lessons you are learning about yourself to heal from)

3. Are you documenting this for yourself or others?

Check Poooliprint and use code: GET10 at checkout. If you purchase the products, use hashtag #poooliprinter when you post your pics.

My reviews:

  1. thermal paper that comes in 3 different colors: blue, yellow, and pick which is nice to add a pop of color to your spread layout

  2. thermal paper in white is amazing because it has a 10 year photo lasting technology built into it

  3. sticky paper is amazing is you need to make lists or stick your pics on your one of your device's case.



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