• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

Throughout the years of content creating, videography, and photography; travel and landscape beauty have always caught my eye. The way nature is formed through the landscapes and each place you travel has a unique touch of scenery placed within it.

When I first started capturing the moment through photography and documenting through videography, these two were the backbone of it all. There is so much you can document and capture with the endless amount of content you can gather from traveling and the landscape that is all around us.

You have to learn to look past the mindset of “oh another place to look at” and change your mindset to see it as “oh my word this is breathed taking”. See the difference? When you learn to see the difference, your content of videoing and photo taking will have more value to it. Value in the way that it will speak to you and your audience.

When I was growing up, I grew up near Lake Huron and Georgian. So when I was creating a new and professional name for my photography and business, I came up with Nomadic Waves Photography. Waves is a no brainer why I chose that with growing up by water and Nomadic from the travel bug I have to get out and explore. Every time I was on an adventure, I was always documenting and capturing something.

So little background story, Nomadic Waves Photography was formerly known as Nomad Advt Co Photography. I changed the name because with it growing, it was starting to spread its wings to be on its own. It’s own content, page, and unique content that was being captured. With a different audience viewing.

Nomadic Waves Photography is a branch of my first business Nomad Adventures Co. Each spreading the word of learning and creating your own lifestyle and having the freedom to express yourself. Showing others what is possible and that they can do it as well. Because you write your own destiny, you have the power to create your own magic. Remember why you started when you take the jump. The first jump towards a better lifestyle and more adventure freedom.

Things change and places change, so it's important to remember how it was when you visited that location. I recommend that if you are passionate about something, start off as a hobby then work it up to a business. For me, this is how I got started. When I started, I used my iPhone to take all my photos and videos. Now I use a DSLR Canon Rebel T7 for my photos and my iPhone 11 to film all my videos. You don't need the fantasy stuff at the beginning, start learning with what you have. Then as you grow, update as you go. I also suggest watching videos on how you can improve your skills.

When you start documenting and videoing your adventures, there is so much inspiration that comes from it. During these times, you learn so much more about yourself, discovering new triggers or strengths, and self-healing. There are so many positive aspects that come from this. Something else is having a 4 step rule that you follow to capture your content. This is something I have been doing since I started because with these two backbones, it's a lot harder to do.

My 4 Step System is:

  1. wing it

  2. take as many photos as you like because there will be the golden ones among them

  3. editing and color correction helps the photo speaks its truth

  4. be patient

So, create your own system that will work you.

My links are:

main Instagram page: @megalison_

photography page on Instagram; @nomadicwaves_photography

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