• Meg McClymont


Updated: Mar 27, 2019

hey nomad crew.

i get asked a lot on what are my top blogging tips i use within my own blog and website.

well here are my answers.

canva - create all your blog post images, advertisement, layouts

pinterest - getting your image ideas for a post you are creating, content ideas for the theme you are posting about within your brand and biz, advertisement layout ideas to recreate

research - on the post you want to do, if it is a collab/ affiliate/ referral post with/ about a company or brand

gmail - use it for sending out my monthly subscription emails

slack - communication and online chat page to keep in with my team

calendars by readdle - prefer this calendar system to plan out my content, work schedule, and events/ appointments I have coming up

whatsapp - to keep in touch with my clients and email subscribers

instagram - posting on there when I have upload, what will be coming to my blog, updates if blog post won't go live or there is website issues

google docs - plan out the layout of my blog post

laptop - I use a Dell or HP because I find that they deal with the business side of things quite well and can hold a lot of storage too

pinterest - to get content and pictures ideas

computer monitor - having multi screens help with getting more tasks done

blog title generating - helps with coming up with catchy titles


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