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Hey Nomad Crew.

This has been a long time coming topic for this blog channel, but here it is.

I think finding your voice is all about discovering your brand first. What do I mean by this? I mean is that you don't know the full extent of your voice until you have discovered your brand that is all about your true voice. Your true voice is your opinion on things, projects, when you work with brands and companies (I will do another blog post on this explaining further), your decisions, etc.

Your voice is a big part of you that you will have to learn to fill the shoes of how to control it. Yes, it means you got to learn how to walk the walk & talk the talk. Once you have learned this comes the second part of controlling it. Having a control will allow help you navigate the social media, online business, and being your own boss world a lot easier.

Trust me, it's definitely a learning curve once you step foot into this world and lifestyle. Because once you are in, your life will never be the same. There are people that will start looking up to you for inspiration, a voice, a role model, guidance, advise, and so much more. You have to the right voice to tell your new found audience what is okay and what will be stepping over the boundaries of privacy. Along the way, you have to have a hard shell to deal with the negative but also learn how to be vulnerable.

When it comes to being vulnerable, learn but figure out what your boundaries are of sharing parts of your personal life. The parts you are willing to share and open up about & other parts that you want to keep completely private. Do remember to let your audience to please respect your privacy when needed.

Like I have said earlier, this new found lifestyle, it will change you and model into someone that you won't recognize at first. That's where your voice comes in to help you to recognize that new you. Your fiends and family will slowly get use it over time. But they should always have your back no matter what.

Finding your voice through discovering brand, creating your dreams into reality, and follow along with your passion.



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