• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

One of the biggest questions I get is "my advice on working with brands and companies".

Well since working in this industry since August 2017, I have learned a lot from then to now. Trust me, once you dive into this social media influencing world, it will change you. And have must be ready to change with it.

I'm currently working with 7 brands and companies combined, all from be a referral person, ambassador, enthusiast, and affiliate. Each one of these have their own unique perks that come with it.

So lets break it down for you:

  1. Referral Person - referring people to shop of that specific company, offering promo and a referral link so you get a small discount or profit from people shopping there

  2. Ambassador - willing to show off the products, advertising to spread the word, get personal and friend/ family/ audience discount to share

  3. Enthusiast - on top of promotions, product launching, involved in the business with having a small say in new product ideas, get personal and friend/ family/ audience discount to share

  4. Affiliate - get paid, get personal and friend/ family/ audience discount to share, free products (may have to pay shipping), on top of promotional/ advertising/ events (events if you are going to be there)

With each of these, the brand or company may get you to sign a half contract or full contract. The contract is just going over the rules they want you to follow, what you have to say in your post if you mention them or post a pic with their product, do's and don't's you are allow and not allowed (TRUST ME - FOLLOW THEM!), etc meaning whatever else they will including that works with their brand or company.

Say you wanna post something about the brand or company you are working for, 1. make sure they approve the post first before you upload it or 2. mention/ notify them as soon as you upload it. If they give you feed back about corrections, DO THOSE CORRECTIONS, especially within 30 mins of uploading it. It continues to show them you are on top of this line of work.

One of the biggest thing you have to look for is "RED FLAGS". Meaning odd things they will do to draw you in to a scam or fraud. Some will include false advertising.

My top tips for looking for these red flags are (well the one's I'm allowed to say, others I can't say due to my contracts):

  1. check their IG page - see if posts look pre-set meaning they only have a small amount pics "advertising" their page and biz then don't post anything else

  2. false advertising - saying "free" doesn't always mean free because there is a good chance of hidden costs they don't tell you

  3. conversations are all over the place and voiding certain questions

  4. check to see if they have multiple accounts - if so - SCAM!

  5. check the date of the website to see if it is up to date

Check out my Instagram highlight "BRAND STUFF' to see more. I go over in depth with some of these.

Also my top advice for standing out is:

  1. being yourself and authentic

  2. find your colour pallet for your content and pictures - find colours that play well together

  3. keep in touch with the brands and companies

  4. ask questions and get clarification on stuff they mentioned that you aren't fully understanding, TRUST ME, they will appreciate it

  5. find your niche

  6. make your captions stand out

  7. reach out and connect with others who are working with the same brand and company - mini support system

I hope this covers your more asked questions. If you have any other, please email me at nomadadventuresco@gmail.com and I will answer any questions you may have. <3


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