• Meg McClymont


There will be days that you just feel drowned in endless tasks that never feel accomplished. To be become distracted to what is actually around you. Not being present or grounded in the now current moment.

Find a day just to say screw it, let the plans and adventures unfold for you. Unfold for you to have no control what is going on. The plans reveal to you to take a spontaneous trip to somewhere for the day or a couple of days, just do it.

Allow yourself to be in the now current moment. To get your mind to be here now with you instead of 5 minutes ahead of you.

Everyone needs the time to be in the now. To regather your thoughts, emotions, and actions. To truly realize that you are human and that you aren't a one sided human that everyone sees on social media.

So stop being a phone zombie and let the plans reveal itself to you. For freedom to wander, but to keep your mind grounded in the now.

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