• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

I recently posted on my IG post that I had some updates for you. Well there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. I know I normally update you all through the Travel Monthly Email Subscription but unfortunately I have been busy with school taking up most of my time during the week, So I will just give you all the run down here.

1. I currently in the works of getting my dual citizenship! Since I have some family living in the states, I decided it will be best to get it because you have to tell customs how long you are going to be down there for. So if there is change of plans or family emergency I will be able to stay longer without running into any problems.

2. Blogtober starts October 1st, so mark your calendars. When the first post goes live, there will be dates at the end when the next one will go live.

3. The company that I run one of my own businesses with just launched SKIN CARE! Like what? What perfect timing for the autumn and winter season. So if you are interested please email me and I can hock you up with the products.

4. N.A.C. has officially hit over 50 plus world wide countries viewing! Like wow, that's a lot of you Nomad Crew. But thank you so very much!

5. I'm in the works of editing and reformatting Unfold. It's a project in the works but I'm not revealing yet what type of project it is. It has been a working progress for over a year now but I want it "perfect" for you all before it's released.

6. Passed my first certification (out of many to come with this course) with honours which I got 95%!

7. Writing a blog for my teacher's Facebook page. (I will post it when it goes live over on the Nomad Crew IG page.

So there has definitely been a few things going on. But the key is schedule and plan ahead so it works.



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