• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

In life, we will become the victim and we make sacrifices that turn our decisions and thoughts into an action plan for an outcome that is coming to life. Sometimes that action plan takes lessons and signs to make the conclusion of how it will pan out. Sometimes it‘s the hardest decisions to let go of the past that felt like everything was in place but in reality, it was waking up to a nightmare that finally showed it’s true colors. The colors of the nightmare of lies, backstabbing, cheating, no communication, secrets, etc. It during these times to understand what changes you need to make right then now to move on quickly and quietly from this.

Yes, you can voice your final words. But one thing my grandpa taught me before passed as if you are going to mess with the bull (being you), you will get the horns (the person that is receiving your karma). You have to learn when you need you to find your voice and stick up for yourself because, in the end, enough is enough.

No one likes making sacrifices but it needs to be done. Learning to give up something that seemed so great just realize it was all slowly falling apart all around you. Learn from your mistakes and own them. But remember, your mistakes and the lesson you learned shows the battle scars that you have overcame many battles of sacrificing what needed to be let go. It's not a sense of failure but a victory.

Everyone goes through different battles and come out with scars. Some are noticeable and others are hidden. You can only discover the hidden ones if you know the person or if they choose to speak about it. Respect the sacrifices that we need to make to get through each milestone and section of our journey that each one of us is on.

Yes, there will be crossroads, but sometimes decisions need to be made right there at the moment. Go with what your gut and heart are telling you because is it worth another scar even though you just healed from the last one that you just recovered from. Sometimes you just need to take a step forward and rewrite your action plan.

Your action plan is how you will handle what you know you are capable to handle right now and right here. Every action plan will be different for each milestone and section of your journey. It’s up to you to let your creative juices flow and see how you can continue to move forward and continue living your goal sheet.

Living your goal sheet proves to yourself and others that you have made many sacrifices and overcame many battles with scars that you won those battles in your own way. Learn to have the final say in your battle that you just won.

Even though you just won that battle, yes, there will be memories and emotions that will hit you. You need to learn how to show you are the bigger person coming out of this and that this is not affecting you. It’s not affecting you because you learn to accept it for what is and moved on from it immediately.

Sometimes you just have to erase the messages, delete the numbers, and move on. You don't have to forget who that person was to you; only accept that they aren't that person anymore.


1. I Lived by One Republic

2. My Heart Know Where To Go by Mikey Wax

3. Jump by Mac Miller

4. Unnskyld by Yomi

5. Center Point Road by Thomas Rhett

6. Tragic by The Him



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