• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew

Oh my word, where do I start. This week has been crazy and nonstop go go go.


1. in any moment i can surrender to the powerful presence of love through prayer, contemplation, and stillness

2. my capacity to tune into the energy of love gives me the words i need when i'm ready to speak up, the compassion i need when it's time to forgive, and the power i need when i am lost


1. surrender to the divine (full moon)

2. be bold and make the first move (cardinal moon)


Unclear thoughts and emotions are brewing. Nothing seems clear to what comes is or is becoming something emotions have to speak louder than words or your actions. with different moons that appeared last week, this week focus on what they are bringing to you.

Q: How are you feeling the effects of last week's moons?


You need to talk with your friends that understand and get you. To tell you what you need to fix and change (work on). How they been noticing that your mental health is not okay and they want to be there for you.

Q: Do you have friends like these, if so, write down what they do you.


Sometimes space is a way to heal before a flare up would have taken place. It is the little things that help you realize that there was nothing to worry about and yees, everything is okay. Going slow is okay.

Q: Are you allowing space or still feeling confined?


Little reminders of pick me ups make the day go by smoother. Letting the communication flow naturally.

Q: Are you having these, if not, how can you incorporate them into your day to day?


When you see the success pay off for all the hard work and dedication you put in through the hustle. Continue to hustle and be your own boss.

Q: Are you hustling hard during these times as restrictions start to loosen up?


Having a support team that motivates you no matter what time it helps you continue the hustle. Have a team full of hustlers.

Q: Are you being a hustler and getting everything you need to get done for work?

This week's inspiration is a company that I'm now working with. Arbonne has amazing and clean ingredients in all their products. We offer a Preferred Client and Independent Consultant program to our new clients. Through this rad company, you can 1. purchase whatever products you feel like purchasing 2. do our 15 days tone up and mini cleanse or 3. do our full 30 days to healthy living program 4. no price amount you have to reach for each purchase.

For me, I started a preferred client and purchased a few products than did the 15 day tone up and mini cleanse. I did this program because my diet is already similar to what Arbonne's healthy living guide is all about. With this program, I was able to get off all 3 of my gastro medications and stop my antidepression medication as well.

If you like to purchase the products use my link here. Or need more info, email me at meganmcclymonta@gmail.com



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