• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew

As you can notice right off the bat we have a new title block for this series. I felt I needed a new title block and change for this series. The old title block wasn't feeling right anymore.


1. find a deeper meaning (waning crescent moon) and personal growth (waning quarter moon) amid the discomfort (full moon)

2. attack, pain, fear, judgment, and any former of separation are merely calls for help


1. a personal issue reaches resolution (full moon in cancer)

  • move towards what you want

  • experiencing an explosion of feelings

  • move towards your goals or dreams

  • don't worry, all will soon be well

2. it's time to take action (new moon in aries)

  • need a 12 month plan

  • determination

  • do your best -> and be happy with that

  • a positive sign in BIG YES

  • may still have a long way to go but you're on your way


"be gentle with yourself"

Start the new week with new goals to bust out and a new mindset to do so. You know the plan you have to follow. Find the courage and gather your emotions to start it and follow it through until it is accomplished.

Q: Are you following through your plan and having the courage to do so?


"there is a benefit and an opportunity in everything you experience"

The first few days are always the hardest when you are starting something new. But you are strong enough to get through these first few though days.

Q: Are you surviving these tough days?


"always in the right place at the right time"

Is isolation mood making you question and think about things? Surprises throwing you for a loop full of more questioning and thinking? Handle it as well as you may.

(flower supermoon)


"find your ground in your footing"

Sometimes emotions can get the best of you. Sometimes it is best to distance yourself so you are the only one being affected by them and not let others around you get hurt.

Q: Are your emotions effecting you during these times?

(full moon in Scorpio)


"disciplined and productive in everything you do"

Learn to be intuned with your mind and body especially when things aren't starting to feel right. It's important to listen to when your body is telling you to slow down and take it easy.

Q: Are you listening to your body?


"courageously open and move through every door of opportunity"

Be clear with how you are feeling and how you are doing because clarification is key. Clarification is important to be clear and loud with your truth.

Q: Are you being heard?

Also, this week is all about your space and how you are being reflected by it. So I have a little project for you to do: get creative with your space. It can be in different areas in your house or your room. This week I got two new plants for my space, an eve's pin cactus for my room and an earth star succulent for my office space. I also ordered a tapestry off of Amazon for in front of my desk space (the desk I have I couldn't find a link but the link provided for the desk is the closest model to what I have). Just adding these two things has made my workspace a lot creative and feel like a more dedicated spot to work in my room.



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