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Hey Nomad Crew

Hope you all had a better week this week. I'm also grateful that this week I was actually able to work outside on my back deck. It has finally been getting nice outside like around the low twenties which it awesome to finally get some vitamin D instead of being inside and getting work done.

Late spring and early summer the weather gets comfortable enough in the afternoon that you can finally work outside. The forest views add a nice relaxing touch to this work environment with the sounds of nature playing in the background. I think it's important to take time out of your day to get outside and to work on something that you have been meaning to do. So the quote for this week is below but I heard this quote the other night and wow it hit me like a brick wall.

Challenge this week is to find 5 empowering quotes, you can include this one, that will have that type of effect on you.

Forgiveness is to forget that your past will ever be different


"attract beautiful things into your life"

Fight the battles you need to win because this time you have the secret weapon of knowledge. Each battle will be different but the outcome will be what you need to continue your journey. It doesn't matter how the battle will last but victory is your right to claim. Claim what is yours because that is your right. Don't let anyone take that away from you. I will make no apologies to the ones that don't deserve it.

Q: Are you claiming your victory?

This is Me by Keala Settle (The Greatest Showman)

Stay close to the serenity of a lake to meet your own peace of mind.


"forgive yourself and set yourself free"

If everything feels slow and challenged, then it is time for a change. At the beginning of the year, you chose three words that you felt that would represent this year. What were they and do they align with how your journey is going? It's okay that your journey changes or there are things to be removed from the journey because whomever or material things are no longer needed but your guide may reintroduce whomever or material things back in if it is met to be yours. There will be times your guide will work with you but other times you have to let your guide have control because they already have the path paved ahead. Let go and trust. Let go and keep an open mind. Let go and learn. There are so many things we can do if we just let go. Yes, it's nice to have control but there is times the control isn't yours. Everything will work out in the end. Trust the paved road and follow the light of your guide that is guiding you - only you - no one else.


"be alive and well"


1. oneness is my true nature

2. I am the loving energy of the universe

3. when I'm connected to my joyful presence, I attract support from the universe

Cleanse yourself of the past moons. Surrender to what is coming to this new moon. This new moon is full of potential and movement. Potential to create new creative work for your surroundings, yourself, and your work. Movement of focusing on your health, business, and self. Both to drive your focus more towards a more positive and brighter mindset. Whatever is going on it will pass when it's work is finished. Remember, everything comes when timing says so and leaves when it's work and lesson are done playing a role in the part of your journey. Your guide knows when this will past but they want you to keep focused on the work you are doing now because that is what you need to focus on.

Q: What message did you get for this new moon?


"nothing is impossible"

Flow to the wave of what you're feeling in your heart. Home is in your heart. Be quiet to hear the echos of the voices that are guiding and giving you advice. You are given advice, sometimes you can hear it and other times you can't so it echos to you so you can hear it loud and clear. Hear your echos that are calling you. Echos are another way that your guide is speaking to me. Each sign or hutch is a nudge from your guide to go for it or do the right next thing and seek it out to see what it is about. Somethings will inquire baby steps and others will inquire big leaps but it is up to you on what size of step you take.

Q: When you have to complete something or do something, what size step are you taking?


“all that you seek is already within you"

Your guide will test you and put you through challenges to how strong but also determined you are. You have the decision to accept or deny the test/ challenges. But The next time will come stronger and more harder next time.

Q: How are dealing with the tests or challenges?


“ have balance within you"

Patience comes from a calm mindset. Focused comes a mindful mindset. Everything you do comes from your mindset that will determine your success.

Q: What is your mindset allowing you to determine?


“ready to succeed"

Inspiration can come from the oddest but calming surroundings once you get out of the house.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?



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