• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

It was a rough and crapy week as you will tell from the entries. My seasonal depression is kicking my butt and was slightly dehydrated on Sunday. So there will be no post for Sunday because I took that day to rest and literally couldn't move like walk or stand for more than 10 mins without the room spinning.

So I'm trying to take it easier this week but I think it was also due to the burnout of working so much for my part time job, flex time job, and both my businesses.

And so starting next year I will be switching the upload schedule, it will now be monthly Reflection posts instead of weekly. I decided to this because of what I have in the works.


Finish what you have working hard on so that is one less thing that might get pushed back. Getting things accomplished one thing at a time feels good and less worry about that project.


When someone sends you a sign, how are going to receive it? Is it about something that you have been questioning or need guidance on what way to go. Whatever it may be, take it and don't question why.


~ No retry because of Remembrance Day

~ Happy Birthday to my grandpa Forbes who is no longer with me and my family

~ Thank you to my great great uncle Karl Hawes (WW1 and died in battle) and my great grandpa Morey (WW2 and passed away a couple of years ago) for your service


Sometimes space can help emotions grow stronger. Space is sometimes needed to help you regain your strength and help with your mental health. Mental health time to do self care and pamper time.


When depression and panic settle in, sometimes you just need to take a step back and reevaluate. Reevaluate what is causing it, is this something you can control or can't control, and how are you going to manage it.


Let emotions run high when you can't hold it in anymore. Sometimes you just have to let your emotions out when you can't form the words.

I also got my favorites for this year in a blog post if you want to check it out. All favorites throughout the year are linked in there. But there are a few things I couldn't find unfortantly.



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