• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew

I hope you are all keeping safe and well during these crazy times.


1. when I lean on certainty and faith I change my mind about the world I see

2. I choose to learn through love

3. I find a deeper meaning (waning crescent moon), and personal growth (third quarter moon), amid the discomfort (full moon)


"summon your greatest powers to move your life forward"

New week to open up on the reflection - everything you have conquered and gone through, all the sacrifices that got you to where you are today. Continue what you are doing.

Q: Do you have a handle on everything when a new week starts or do you feel lost when a new week starts?


"presence is more powerful than pain"

You got this - put on that boss babe outfit with your makeup and hair done - you were meant for this success. Continue creating the life you want to create.

Q: Do you have that boss babe mindset or a sideline mindset with the life you are creating?


"courage is more powerful than doubt"

Your success can't be measured but scheduled. Scheduled in order to conquer and fulfill your daily tasks - to continue creating the life you want to come out of all the hard work.

Q: Are you fulfilling the life you have created for yourself?


"you're willing to do what it takes to create lasting positive change"

Take it one step at a time to complete the tasks that are piling up. You need to remember you can handle it.

Q: Are you rushing yourself or taking it easy through your tasks?


"be capable of learning what you need to know as you go"

All the late nights and long days pay off in the end ti be awarded. Awarded and fulfillment to prove your dedication.

Q: Is your hard work paying off? If not, how can you fix it?


"be fearless and bold"

Determination is your strength, complaining is your weakness. It will always be a win lose situation when you work for yourself.

Q: Are you any win loose situations when you are working for yourself during this time? If so, what are they?


"dare to be different"

Scheduling and time blocking in your planner can calm your mindset. Everything will be completed.

Q; Are you using a planner to schedule and time block the work and tasks that need attention to be completed?



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