• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

Sorry that I missed this week's upload, it has been a busy last few weeks here. Packing to move downstairs to the basement bedroom so I can sort of have the basement to myself. And finishing up the last of Blogtober.


Baby steps are better than big steps. Sometimes taking baby steps will help move things along quicker than big steps.


Sometimes you have to do things yourself to see the results you want. The results of knowing what you can control and plan for.


Truth can hit you like a brick wall when you don't see it coming. Once you know the truth, do you have any questions or your say of opinion on what you just heard?


Work + travel days are the best because you are being productive and chill all at once. These are the best type of days to look forward to.


Take a deep breath and handle it especially when your patience is gone. Sometimes there will be no to little patience when an unseen test and challenge is thrown at you.

Friday and Sunday were a blur and can't remember what the heck went on that day. Also, do you like the new title block? I feel like it sets the mood as we are starting to come into view of November.



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