• Meg McClymont


Hey Crew

I hope your week went well. I know I posted on my Instagram story saying this week was going to be a bit different due to my schedule been crazy busy with work, doing a couple of photoshoots for people for my photography business, and appointments.

I also did something exciting, is I finally ordered something for my photography business that has been a working progress for over a year. So it should hopefully be in this coming week.

Stay tuned to see what it is! Plus I started to sell my photographs. So check out the website and the contact section to find out how.

So to sum this crazy headless chicken feeling of a week was learning how to balance it all. Learning what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Learning to keep everything like every little thing written in a planner to see everything clearly.

It’s also okay to juggle things around if you finish a task before the other one. Sometimes there will be stuff that will take longer or a shorter period of time to get it done. But when you are doing a juggling act for everything in your planner that you have scheduled, see what can be kept where it is.

I also find it helpful of making notes in the planner if you remember something that has to be done for that task. Helps keep you accountable.

But the other thing that was learned this week when handling the emotions that come, it comes in waves. You never know what may set off your emotions and the aftermath of how it will make you feel.

Hope you all have a good week this coming week and Happy Thanksgiving (Canada).



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