• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew

I hope you are all doing good and you are keeping safe. This week, I decided to start adding in a list of songs that will fit the mood for whatever day it may be.


1. my happiness is a direct reflection of my level of faith in the universe

2. I choose love no matter what

3. in the moment I can surrender to the powerful presence of love through prayer, contemplation, and stillness


"make it happen because it is possible"

Take it easy and steady. Take it day by day. Yes, last week was emotional but you got through it the storm. Right now it's smooth sailing along the waves.

Q: What challenged you last week?


"keep true to your purpose"

Let the light of the universe guide you when you are questioning the next chapter of your journey. The next chapter of your journey. The next chapter that you have been working hard for and naturing leading up to it.

Q: What are you working towards and naturing for your next part of your journey?


"you are worthy of all things wonderful"

Let your emotions speak to you as you try to handle and figure everything out.

Q: What are your emotions telling you? Where is your mental health at?


"you are growing into your fullest self"

Have the strength to stay determined when there is little light. No darkness can hold you back.

Q: What can't hold you back for accomplishing what you want when there is little light?


"inhale who you are, exhale who you aren't"

Kindness and gratitude can help your mindset. Just keep hustling and focused on what you can handle and maintain.

Q: Create a gratitude list + start planning out your self care routines and incorporate them into your week.


"slow right down and catch your breath"

You can't force or change people who you want to stay in your life, they have to make that decision for themself. Respect their space because that is the polite thing to do. Learn to free spirit yourself and your mindset, to live more freely.

Q: Are you living free spiritly or living inside a comfort zone circle? What can you do for yourself to be freer?

Songs: Free Spirit by Khaild / Some People Do by Old Dominion


"your goals are attainable and your habits help you get there"

Take it easy when your body and mind tell you to relax and put things on hold. Learn to take care of yourself. Learn to not put so much pressure on yourself to get gone done.

Q: Are you allowing yourself to have a "rest day"?



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