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Hey Nomad Crew

So due to a medical going investigation, there may be a double week of reflection coming up in the near future. It is because I will be traveling out of town and probably won't bring my laptop. Please be patient with these posts because they do take longer to type out rather than typing a type a themed topic blog post. Those types of blog posts I have been slowly posting and have been listening to what my stats are telling me. Reflection gets more audience in than the regular blog posts, which blows my mind in a sense.


  1. when i accept the love of the universe as my primary teacher, i will always be guided back to the light

  2. instead of praying for an outcome, i pray for the highest good for all


  1. a time for healing (Balsamic Moon)

  2. working through your fears (New Moon in Scorpio)


"you are able to overcome what you are feeling"

It's amazing how much a little confirmation can give you, so much clearance in what is going on. Knowing that everything is good and you are doing the right thing in going in the right direction in what you are doing.

Q: Does a little confirmation help you and help ease your mind to what is going?


"explore your backyard"

It's important to know that you have people that support you for what you are trying to accomplish through your hard work and hustle. Yes it can take time out of your social life but is it worth the time out of your social life but is it worth the risk to miss some social events that in turn in the future never would of been important to you.

Q: Do you agree with this?


"heal through your unhealed pain"

Have someone that understands you and gives you those surprise pick me up messages. Reinsurance is the key to communication. Because sometimes without those two, you feel a little worried and uncertain. But you already know everything will be okay so don't worry.

Q: Are you getting these two: reinsurance and communication?


"setbacks are apart of the journey"



"embrace the changes that are occurring"


"despite hitting rock bottom you got back up"

Sorry that this week was a little off but it seriously was a rough week for me and my anxiety is through the roof still.



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