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Updated: Mar 28

Hey Nomad Crew.

Welcome to the new series that I thought of while I was on a mini car ride exploring the outdoors. And I thought that I needed to start adding back in the self help posts. Because when I started N.A.C. back at the end of November, a lot of the posts reflected journal writing styles.

So for this series, I will break it down Monday to Sunday, what the mantra quote is for the day, what the journal blurb is, what the 3 cards are from The Universe has your Back deck of cards, and then a journal question for that day. This week's mantra quote is in my culture's native tongue which is Scot's Gaelic.

Grab a journal and let's start Reflection.


1. my outer experiences are a reflection of my internal condition

2. the moment I realign with love, clear direction is presented to me

3. obstacles are detours in the right direction


"cumaibh simplidhe (keep it simple)"

It's a new week to heal and focus on what is ahead that will help with the rut that is place. Handle what you can handle. Let the rest play out as it is written and planned out in your journey that is slowly unfolding and presenting itself to you.

Q: What things do you have control over? What things don't you have control over?


"cum do cheannsuas (keep your head up)"

Stop letting others judge you for what you aren't. Questioning things can be normal and okay to an extent. If you start overthinking in the progress, stop and step forward then start rewriting again. There is nothing wrong with rewriting.

Q: Are there things and moments in your life currently that you are questioning, if so, what are they?


"fhuair thu seo (you got this)"

Life is a wild ride. Every curveball that gets thrown your way. Either it's a hit or a miss. It all depends on why that curveball is being thrown and how you will respond to the upcoming flow of actions ahead. When your world moves too fast and you lose yourself in the chaos, introduce yourself to each color of the sunset. Reacquaint yourself with the earth beneath your feet. Thank the air that surrounds you with every breath you take. Find yourself in the appreciation of life. Keep breathing and handling what you can handle. This is the time to slow down and focus on the big adventure ahead.

Q: What areas of your life are out of balance? How will you reacquaint yourself to them?


"tha turas ur romha (there is a new journey ahead)"

Go for a drive to clear your head. To brew new ideas and to find clarity. Where'd you wanna go, how much do you want to risk? Ask yourself questions along the way. It's okay to let your mind wander, as long it's positive and helping, never try to have negative thoughts.

Q; Are your thoughts affecting you? Are you asking yourself questions along the way?


"na leig le duine stad ort (don't let anyone stop you)"

Fear doesn't define you. Fear is not your enemy. It can be good or bad, but remember you will always get through it. Make the right decisions as they come.

Q: What are you fearing that you don't need to be fearing?


"fuirich deimhinneach (stay positive)"

Trust the universe when you are feeling a certain way. It's a sign to check in with yourself and to regain the balance and the focus.

Q; What balance and focus are you missing from your life?


"cum a'dol (keep going)"

Be grateful for the ones you have surrounding you. Having others communicate to you for what is going on, is greatly appreciated.

Q: Whom are you grateful for and why?



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