• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew

This is going to be 41 weeks of self focusing, To regain the balance with yourself, mindset, and body. Allow these weeks to help you change your negative habits and turn them into accomplishments. Your habits should be positive and help you along in your daily routine. We all tend it fall out of our routines once and a while.

So during these weeks to come, we will be focusing on:

1. your mind health

2. focus

3. reflection

4. being aware of our emotions and feelings

5. learning to be intuitive with our bodies

6. learning how to journal

7. learning how to ask ourself questions that we normally won't ask

8. how to get back into a routine

The Universe has your Back of cards that will be used throughout the following weeks. If you feel like picking up the deck and doing your own reading for your weeks, feel free to do so. Remember to journal them with a date because then you can reflect on what the cards said and look back it at the end of the year.

For the 3 I pulled from the deck for how these weeks will go until the end of December are:

1. in any moment I can surrender to the powerful presence of love through prayer, contemplation, and stillness

2. there is nothing sexier than my authentic truth

3. attack, pain, fever, judgment, and any form of separation are merely calls for help

Reflection weekly posts will come out every Sunday until the end of December.

I hope these new series transform you and help you heal with whatever may be going on.



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