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Hey Nomad Crew!

This is the last blog blog for 2018, it's bitter sweet to end it on a recap to all that went down this year. So much that has happened this year personally and about my biz, Nomad Adventures Co.

Let's start on the biz side of things. This year I celebrated my first year of blogging and running a biz on November 27th. Which a lot had happened through the year and up to this point. My old website domain and platform was okay to have as a starter platform to branch off of but I started to realize there were a lot technical issues going on that I tried fixing but nothing seemed to work. Which was really annoying me because I wanted to get scheduled content out to you all but the posts never went live. Therefor means there was content posts that you never got to read and see. After all this and careful consider through some research, I decided to create my biz on a new platform and domain website; then deleting everything off the old one. This bold move is part of me rebranding and prepping for the new year to come. If you have been hiding in the shadows a bit, my biz now has a online shop, email subscription, clientele program, and online one-on-one coaching. And all behind the scenes of running this, I have a part time assistant helping me out so I don't loose my head with everything going on.

Now with the personal side of things. Where to start? This year really through me through a loop with testing me by challenging myself, gaining confidence back in a few different ways, learning how important communication is, learning how important friendships and family is, and so much more that this list will have sooo many points to it. Through learning a lot of messages and lessons while I have traveled to 38 different locations which still boggles my mind on how I did that while running everything with my biz. I'm currently dealing with a health issue that has been putting a lot of stuff on the back burner it feels like. Getting the chance to travel home during this summer was definitely needed for a lot of reasons I want to keep private but I can say I still feel a bit out of sorts still since being back. I know my work wasn't needed there anymore but it still feels like there is something I missed when I was home.

Home will always be home to her. The small town and community on the Bruce Peninsula of Ontario. Where a small town girl is learning to spread her wings in this big city type world. Learning the ups and downs through it all. Gaining experiences and opportunities along the way to help her through the journey she is part taking here on the West Coast of Canada. There will be moments where she will go through alexithymia meaning the inability to express the feelings you are feeling. As life continues, she experiences rocky patches of cicatrize meaning to find healing by the process of forming scars. One of her biggest lessons that she has been taught this year has been sometimes you try your hardest but things don't turn out the way you want them to. Sometimes things have to change, and maybe sometimes they're for the better. (quote bu nani) Through her trials, you will notice that she will be solivagant meaning wandering alone. By wandering alone, she has become comfortable with it even though there will be days she will run into people along her journey on the West Coast. As the year slowly comes to end, she is starting to rebrand her image, creation of art, and style of words to saying inspiration. Next year, she has ideas of all how this will play out.

Overview of a few goals for next year biz and personally:

1. branch out more of my comfort zone (rebranding project in the works)

2. hoping for more clients (right now can only take on 5 more)

3. find new ways to grow my biz

4. take on new projects

5. travel to explore new opportunities, growth, ideas: personal and content

Quote: "Oh brave Adventurer. Do not wander so far that you forget who you are. But, do not stay too close that you cannot find yourself either."


1. Hollow - Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

2. Back Home - Andy Grammer

3. Shine - The Washboard Union

4. What Do You Love - Seeb

5. Neverland - Abstract ft. Ruth B

6. Venom - Eminem

7. A Million Dreams - Pink

8. Pompeii - Bastille

9. High Hopes - Panic! At The Disco

10. The Greatest Show - Panic! At The Disco

11. The Journey - Paul Brandt

12. Breathe - Mackenzie Ziegler

13. Clarity - Andy Kong

14. Just Be Held - Casting Crowns

15. Wake Me up - Tebey (ft. Emerson Drive) (RIP AVICII +)


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