• Meg McClymont


Everyone has an idea of what an influencer will go through. Well, I'm here to tell you that the people who are influencers and doing it as a living are REAL people. Real people who deal with everyday ups and downs, emotions of highs and lows, bills, unexpected expenses, family stuff, etc.

Never judge someone life that you only see through the camera by videos or photos they post. Because being an influencer, I do get judged. Judged on how I am making money by what I'm doing, how I'm able to travel and go on adventures all the time, have the free time to create the content I create, how my life seems so "perfect", ...

In reality, I'm just a normal person creating a life that I always wanted and found a way to create it then made it work. Made it work by finding a balance to where I can be putting in the work then have fun and free time afterward.

All influencers find a balance to coop with everything within their personal and social media life. It will take a while to get that balance to work. But just work with what you have is my number one advice.

When you become an influencer, the biggest challenge is figuring out much of your life you're willing to share and how much you want to keep private. I have friends that are influencers and we all agree that some followers will take it to far by invading your space. Invading your space by starting stocking you. My second advice is to be careful what you say.

To all my future inspiring influencers, I hope that never happens to you.


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