• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

In life, we ponder how things will be, who we will become, what degree or certification we will get, what our job will be, etc. There is so much that we consistently go and back worth with just to make sense of it all. We never really want to process it because once we do, it feels like everything is falling apart. But in actual truth, it’s the tiny, medium, odd shaped, and large pieces coming together to form a picture. The picture of the overview of what you have been overlooking.

We tend to overlook things because we are scared and fearful of the wilderness that is our surroundings. The surroundings and the environment that we live in. Who we talk to, who our family is, who our friends are, and who we follow on social media. We are so entwined with our surroundings that we just learned to overlook our attendances and our virtues. Learning to continuously keep the normal that was ingrained into us.

We have to wonder who we are as a person because we are with ourselves 24/7. Meaning we have to know our own strengths, weakness, and triggers. Learning that we are all unique. Knowing that each one of us has the greatest and unique offering that will be your light to shine and spread to others. With breaking our attendances and virtues, we need someone that has broken that norm to show them it is possible to shine your own light and to be creative.

Yes, it’s scaring pondering into the wilderness of the unknowns, mistakes to come, victories that seem way too far out of view to reach, fear, and anxiety. But once you overcome all this, nothing is impossible. You are learning as you go with that someone continuously holding your hand and showing you the way until the mentor is confident in their apprentice to be free and start their own journey as a mentor. Showing new followers the way.

Pondering is like a game that we follow a leader through the wilderness, teaching us as we learning that the list of impossibles slowly becomes the possibles. Knowing how to work around the tough to need and mold it into something soft and tasty. That tasty element and feature are your creative juices flowing and be spread through your work.

As you learn this trait, you will learn what your unique creative juice flavor is. Is it a mixture of sour and sweet, is it sweet, is it sour, is it bitter, is it salty, is it spicy,...? What flare of flavor or flavors are you bring to your work as you ponder as you learn more about the wilderness?

Everyone within their flavors, we find guidance from our four elements and our horoscope signs. Either you are one, two, three, or all four elements. It’s all based on what you connect with your birth element and your guidance element. But when you add in the extra touch of the horoscopes, that is when things start speaking truth through your content. Look into what your sun sign is, the rising sign is, moon sign is, and what house node number and coordinations you are. Once you find out, you may have one, two, three, or many different horoscopes that makeup who you are.

For me, my signs are

  1. sun and rising: Virgo

  2. moon: Capricorn

  3. house node: Pisces

Start pondering through your research to find out what touches you can incorporate this information into your work as you grow and strengthen apprenticeship skills.



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