• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

This is a topic that we should discuss and be aware of. The reason why I say this is because we all go through and face this daily. It’s a struggle to realize that you are doing it unless you are experiencing anxiety, stress, panic, or depression. I have definitely noticed it more during these times. But you personally will know what will bring it on at this moment, the moment you realize something is working or not going your way.

Not having it figured out can cause you to go through a whirlwind of emotions that make you feel frustrated and confused. It‘s this reason why you go into that flight or fight type mindset of what you need to do and don’t have to do to make this better plus trying not to make them worse. Try asking yourself: Why am I feeling this way? What happened to bring on this feeling? and What caused me to experience this mindset?

Get in the habit of asking yourself questions during these times because it can be your switch that can help you out and also, have a support person you can go to. Having a support person is seriously a great thing because they can comfort and calm you down but still allow you to let it all out, pretty much have your break down of tears. During these times as well, allow yourself to eat your favorite comfort food/ meals because that is one of your safety blankets.

Next, make a list of your safety blankets that help you through these times. Your safety blanket can help you relax and calm down to where you can get a grasp on the situation. Then find activities that you can do, it can simple as going for a walk, taking a bubble bath, going for a drive, etc... Anything that will help you and take self-care day.

I think it’s important for us to taking care of our bodies and mind for they work together with our everyday functions of activities that we experience. The many ups and downs we go through each day can be easy or hard on ourselves. Remember to set time aside to breathe, reflex, and journal.

Inspiring video from a Canadian Youtuber named Kalyn Nickolson, check it out!


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