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Nomadic Hearts Clothing Co is a small biz ran by a down-to-earth spirited person named Allison. She created this brand and biz with a dedicated vision and message she wanted to bring to the world. Her passion is driven to make a positive impact to her followers, customers, and the companies she donates a portion of the income coming into the biz to Wood Stock Sanctuary.

She has amazing and rad clothing that is so comfy to wear in any weather and during any travel adventure. Allison puts so much and time energy into creating and designing the products that she wants to bring the vision and production of design into reality. She has also created an email subscription to keep everyone up to date on what is happening behind the scenes of production and what is in the works that will be released to the website. On top she has an ambassador program which is the best thing you can ever be a part of.

Being a brand ambassador helps to spread the message she has created and forms it into reality. To show off the clothing she has created with amazing prints on it. The brand is all about expressing yourself and exploring the world around you. To inspire you to embrace your own message.

Here is a list of the amazing brand ambassadors that Allison has chosen to represent this small but growing biz:

Myself (Meg), Jessica Duncanson, Caroline Jones, Kristen Rose, Taylor, Jackie, Christen Louise, Ariel, Roselyn Williams, Katelyn Walden, Aliyah, Jordan Lynn, Brittany Reid, Kaity Grady, Rachellie, Mckenzie, Kayla Katherine, Ashley Lindsay, Aleigh Quinn, Amanda, Bailey Labatut, Karissa Patton, Ashley, Amanda Becher, Denise Maria, Leah, Aspen, Maya, and Tara.

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