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Hey Nomad Crew.

Just to let you all know, this routine can change if there are nights you are out socializing, traveling, or had a busy workday. But I try to keep it simple in a sense that it's easy to follow through with it. This post will give you an idea out of things that you are missing from your night routine and things you might be able to take out. By taking out certain things that can help simplify your nightly routine, I will also add links to products that I use so you can purchase them and try them out.

First off is definitely take off my makeup and take a shower (body and or washing your hair) can help you relax easier into the routine and unwind from a long day. After put on some vitamin e lotion to help moisturizer on your skin then hop into pj's or comfy clothes, Then I find and suggest getting dinner. Have a healthy but comforting meal to fuel your body from all the hard work you did that day. A couple of hours after making yourself some desert. Another pro tip is to send any last texts, snap chats, and emails. And do one last social media check before you turn on your alarm and put your phone away for the night.

Once you had your dessert, brew yourself some detox tea then find a peaceful spot. Having detox tea (Arbonne has a great one that I highly recommend) at night can help your gut get rid of any buildup of waste that it is having a hard time digesting. Bring your book to read a few pages and to journal the reflection you had that day. Pro tip when reading, especially if it is a self-help book, highlight words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs that stand out to you.


  1. Rest, Refocus, Recharge by Greg Wells

  2. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

  3. Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell

  4. Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

For journaling, you can check out my Reflection series for questions to answer and or journal what you feel like writing down. I know some people journal in the morning and others journal at night. For me. I do both depending on how my week is going.

After I have my wind downtime, I do my skin routine and brush my teeth. I find it's important to have a good skincare routine for both night time and morning time. My skincare routine at night contains more products because your skins deserve a good treatment to feel refreshed in the morning time.

Once your ready for bed, do anything else you need to do because this will be the best time to do so. Like making your lunch, getting your work bag ready to go, your clothes laid out, take any medications you may need to take, etc.

This routine is simple and to the point which it should come naturally to you, But there will be days that I do switch up the order of them because it what works best for me that day.



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