• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

I thought of this post when one of my friends from back home asked me for advice on this topic. It definitely hit an emotional spot for me remembering what I learned from this topic. All I can start off with is trust the timing of things and where you are lead to, Sometimes you don't understand why you have this urge to move to a new place or across the country or even travel to a new place. It's times like these we start to break down with anxiousness and fear trying to make sense of it all but in reality, it's a new part of your journey that is slowly unfolding.

Yes, you are leaving behind things, places, and people who are familiar to you. But you have to remember that place will always be there to return back to when you need a break. Home is home, it's where you were raised, grew up, learned many lessons through your years, and it's where your true heart lies. But with this new path of life, try to remember the reason why you chose this and why you had control over this decision. There will be new self discoveries and a new version of yourself that is forming inside of you that will come out and shine when it's time for that new invented yourself to make its appearance.

Over the years from moving home for part of the summer then making the move back to BC, there are so many lessons that I realized that I needed to learn from. If you read my past blogs you know what I'm talking about. The decisions and choices you have to make in order to keep growing where you are in your journey or learn to let go, move on, and recreate a better version of yourself. There is always a part of me that comes out when I'm home but after living back home last year for a little over a month, that version of myself has stuck with me when I moved back to BC.

That version of myself that I know is showing through with my content, posts, the voice of speaking my mind, how I'm eating better especially for my IBS and Gastritis atm, being more independent of making decisions, working towards big goals that I'm more focused about, and so on. You have to realize, sometimes that version of yourself from home will stick with you until you return home again. Thankfully and if all goes well, I'm 43 weeks out from moving home for 4-5 months!

I'm excited about this change and to be able to be home again. It sucks that I wasn't able to go home this summer with everything going on but also dealing with a few personal medical stuff here as well. I'm feeling so drained and exhausted that I have to take days off just to refocus on why I'm husting hard, why I chose photography, why I created a blog, why I decided to create a clientele program to help others with their journey and blog, and so one + the list continues.

During these times, I find it's important to:

  1. journal everything that you are experiencing and feeling

  2. declutter (devices, rooms in your place, closets)

  3. clean

  4. have a treat yo self day

  5. work on something that makes you happy

  6. read a book

  7. eat your favorite comforting meal

There is a lot you can do, these are just a few ideas. You know what makes you happy and what cheers you up when you have been having these down days of feeling homesick. You know yourself, so have a needed break when you need to. I hope this helps you out and that you are all taking care of yourself.



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