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Updated: Feb 26, 2019

I did a lot of digging and soul searching as people would call it... but I did it because I wanted to see what needed to bubble to the surface and explode. By allowing myself to let everything come up to the surface, the more I learned about myself and got a better understanding of things that needed handling. Especially I realized what things I was truly over-seeing and not taking the time to actually see them clearly. It's like this every single time I come home, my body gets this weird happy but excited feeling as soon as we head into Ferndale and pass the gas station because I know it's roughly fifteen kilometers from there to my hometown.

This wasn't a planned trip in the making, it was literally planned three-ish months before we left (my mom, sis, and me). After being away for almost three weeks, it was definitely a much-needed vacay and break from all the mayhem going on the many weeks leading up to it.

Self Discovery

Getting to see old and new familiar sights was seriously a boost for my mind and soul, and to get the creative juices flowing again. One thing I learned while I was there is that you can't overwork yourself to the breaking point, it's not healthy - physically and mentally.  Having no wifi at the house did limit my time being on my cell phone because there was little to no cell service which meant I couldn't use my data. I only posted content and checked in on Nomad Adventures when I went into town where the cell signal was stronger.

Having the time to relax and to be clear minded then coming back to the town I'm currently living in, it feels peacefully yet there is still a bit of unsettled emotion because I fed my soul what it has been craving - a trip home...


I can always tell when my body, mind, and soul are 100% craving a trip home. It's like feed the cravings before you go bonkers. Because no one wants to deal with you, especially when you have gone bonkers.


It was nice seeing all the living family members again. And meeting family that I never met before. I was very excited to see my grandma Jean. Grandma Jean has been adopted into the family since I was little/ born, I knew her as grandma. It was cool seeing how big my two little cousins are getting. I also visited my family graves that are longer with us. I put some flowers at my grandpa and grandma's plot. My grandpa and I were very close since day one but for my grandma, I barely knew her because she passed away in September 2nd and my birthday is August 24. No matter what life throws at, family will always be there for you.


The overall of my trip home is that home is home. It's where you grew up and will always be part of you. A part of you that no one can remove. Appreciate the simplest things in life especially family because they might not be there next time you come home. Your family is something that you should be grateful for. Also except all that you have conquered and pushed your way through the obstacles that life has thrown at you.

video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rDYvQnkCdM


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