• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew, I wanted to share with you all on why I started my website and blogging. Heads up this is going to get real personal and give you an insight into a part of my life.

I will have officially been blogging on my website for 3 years on November 27th, 2020. This is crazy to think about, but it has helped me so much in growing with companies that I’m working with and my brand.


I started my journey back in 2007 when I started taking it seriously after my grandpa on my mom’s side had passed away. He was literally my rock, an inspiration, someone who kept me grounded and reminded me never to take on so much that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. We all need that type of person in our life, I’m beyond blessed and grateful that I had the time with him. I will always miss him dearly. As my journey continued, I grew a desire to start traveling and having unique experiences. I remember one of the most life changing, and eye opener experiences were in 2013 when I went to Mexico for a family vacation. We got to go one of those excretions where we went exploring around the small and remote towns on islands and further into the mainland. Just going this excretion literally made me see the true meaning of gratitude, never take anything for granted, be thankful in every way possible for who your friends are, family, the education you can do, the places you are able to travel to, and so much more. The villagers we met were so happy with what they had and always continued to smile. One of the biggest lessons I learned after I left Mexico was “Smile even though things may be tough, that toughness will make you stronger in the end.”


One thing about me that most people won’t know that I have done five different types of therapies and currently doing one type of therapy. The five types of therapy I have done are speech, hearing, group, one on one, and TAPS which is mental health. I did TAPS for my anxiety, panic, stress, depression, and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) disorders. The therapy that I’m currently working on is self-therapy. Self-therapy is working on growing and learning your triggers, what brings on your panic, stress, anxiety, SAD, and depression, what will make you in a better mood when bad and uncomfortable situations occur, how you communicate in order to get your point across. After doing so many different types of therapies, I have started learning more about myself each time I completed the full progress of the therapy. I did the speech and hearing therapy when I was at a young age of four/five-seven due to my accent and being slightly deaf in my right ear. I did group therapy in elementary school. The one on one therapy was both in elementary school and at the being of high school. Then I started the TAPS therapy which is one on one with a specially trained therapist in mental health problems from grade 11 (2013) -the first year of college (2016), so three years I was in the TAPS program. I definitely learned a lot when I was in the program because a lot of my blog inspirational content I write about is some of the things I have learned in the program. In the program you learn a lot of unique techniques that help with self-development, self-discovering, motivating you and the others you surround yourself with, how to improve your relationships with family, friends, and whomever your significant other is, and so much more. Therapy literally has changed my life a lot. But it has helped me improve in the areas I was struggling in.


So after completing four types of therapy, I started getting an interest that will flourish into wanting me to put myself out there that I can help people who are or went through the same life of therapy I went through. I want to spread inspirational messages to help others that are scared of putting themselves out there because I know that a lot of us will scroll through social media wishing we had the life that people were living. Well, I learned how to make the right steps of progress to get “the social media lifestyle”. I started working with companies on Instagram, the first company I signed on with a full-year around contract was Nomadic Hearts Clothing Company in September 2017. The other companies I have this type of contract with are Contour Creative, No Wake Zone, and Madera Outdoors. My best advice if you are going to get into the social media lifestyle is to work with companies that will fit and work with the brand you are building because the companies will help you grow your brand in a way to help you become more successful. Another way I work with on social media is through via email. I’m currently working with five companies via emails.


After I started working with companies, I wanted to start working more on my brand. I did research on what websites there are to create your own website. Let me tell you there were a lot of different types, but I finally decided and went with Wix because I know a few friends who are using that site to build their own website. Starting a website can be a stress stage of building your brand because you must build the site on how you like it and how you want to view it. Then getting creative and start posting the content you choose to go with. For me, I had content written down in three journals! And I have been told that I’m a creative writer and have an inspirational mindset. That’s when I really was serious about creating a website.


When I created my website, I love the themes I could choose from and can choose the layout on how I wanted my content to be viewed. It was a learning process on writing the content up and attaching the feature image to go with the post that can be saved or scheduled. I like that I have the option to schedule my posts because I never know how busy my days will get. So, having them scheduled means I can breathe and not be stressed on not getting the post live for you guys. There is a trick I have been using to edit my posts after I have written them is that I use Grammarly. Grammarly helps spell check and add in or take out any punctuation needed. Now that I had my website for almost a year, I have received sweet comments from you all and have received views from over fifty + countries. That literally blows my mind because I never thought I could reach that many people. But I’m very thankful for each one of you, that engages and read the content that I post including watching the vlogs I post as well. Another helpful thing with using Wix is that they have an app, so I can see the stats on my iPhone and gives me notifications with anything going on my website. Being a beginner means we all must start from somewhere. We are all beginners when we try something new or start something new like a business, a website, a YouTube channel, etc. Dip your toes in those new waters. Explore the new paths and avenues, give it a chance to seek out the new excitement and opportunities that we want and have this desire to go about doing. We are scared to admit saying we are a beginner, limit that fear and say it.


As the growth sets in, in the growing the brand and my socials. It has been learning progress through the whole way which I knew was going to happen. It blows my mind still that people are so interested in my life, who I am as a person even though I’m still trying to figure out who I am, what my brand is about and the story behind it, and people having a platform of a like minded individual that they can look up to. The growth in success is a long journey that you must be determined to put in the long hours and sleepless nights to work on your content that you will be posting on your social platforms. One thing I found that helped in the growth of my success is asking my viewers and friends what type of content they wanted to see based on the theme of the content I was already posting. It's important to get feedback from viewers to what you are posting because it will give you an insight that you need to grow successfully since the world we live in is becoming more digital. All our memories are now documented by photos and videos that we post for the world to see. Before these pictures and videos were so personal for us and were kept in a photo album. By having all of our childhood and random photos in a photo album, we can show our friends and family that we surround ourselves with. With every with being so digital, you must be ready to stay ground to stay true to your content and your brand. Think of your brand as your baby. You must nourish and love it, protect but still allowing it to grow, and being there for the ups and downs that come with growing up.


I know in the previous chapter, I talked about nourishing and helping your baby grow. Well, the most important thing you can do is give your baby a name. I have been thinking about what name will suit and having a deep meaning to what my message is, what my brand is about, and who I am as a person that I have discovered so far. Then after a long process of looking around to make my name, I have thought of wasn’t taken, after I found that no one has chosen the name it wanted. Then finally, I officially named my brand Nomad Adventures and my business called Nomad Adventures Co (co being for the crew we have created). I chose this name being I’m always craving a good adventure, I grew up camping and traveling a lot like every possible weekend we (my family and I) or even looking for new places to camp or just exploring the area around the town I’m currently in, I love solo traveling, my style is nomadic with being environment friendly from a young age and learning to use what I had and only buy what I need plus wants for only if I had the extra money for it, and I learn better by being by myself through the adventures where I get my clearest and highest thoughts.

“Be the energy you want to attract.”


I think that is next for Nomad Adventures and Nomad Adventures Co is creating more content that will open to new viewers and post more on my YouTube page. To give you all an insight into what my life is, my travels and adventures, verbal talks on content topics instead of writing them out for you all to read; the opportunities and possibilities are endless for what is to come. One thing I’m not 100% sure about if I want to create products because I do have some in mind, but I want your opinion on it. Please leave a comment or DM to let me know.


Thank you all for the support and love that everyone has been giving me over the years. I hope this gave you an insight into what inspired me to start Nomad Adventures and Nomad Adventures Co. I want to continue to inspire you all to start your brand to build it from nothing and create something inspirational. Reflect on your journey and how far it has come. From the ground of nothing to start building your empire.



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