• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

A lot of you were wondering about my routine for the morning time when I travel but also day to day.

Well, each morning I have a basic layout of what I do. The only thing that will be different for the days I work and have errands , appointments, or school. I will do a separate blog for my school routine. My work schedule is definitely all over the place with part time jobs and running my own biz. And just to let you all know there will be morning that the bed will be made or it won't, depends on how much time I have. I will list the products that I have been using and loving.


* Wake up (and shower if I didn't the night before)

* Get dressed (getting dressed right after helps you not wanting to crawl back into bed)

* Bathroom (I plug my phone to charge but also have a timer of how long I will have to get ready and by doing this, I'm more focused on finishing other stuff I have to get done before I get to my skin care, makeup, and hair stuff)

*Kitchen (coffee duh, breakfast. if I have work: I will pack a lunch if I didn't the night before for my longer shifts or grab a snack for my shorter shifts plus grab a water bottle / errands: grab a quick snack to through into my purse and grab a water bottle / travel day: water bottle then go to the grocery store to pick out a few healthy and gut friendly snacks)

* Get Ready - Back to the Bathroom


* foam or scrub face wash depending on how my skin is doing

* acne cream - clean & clear persa-gel 5 (5% benzoyl peroxide maximum strength)


* face oil

* foundation - mac studio sculpt spf 15

* concealer - clinique beyond perfecting & mac studio fix 24 hour smooth wear

* powder - covergirl clean professional (fav setting powder hands down) & elf perfect finish HD powder for under the eyes in the shade clear

* brows - nxy eyebrow powder pencil / set your brows with a clear mascara ~ it makes a big difference especially with the summer heat

* mascara

Then if I have to put in a little work and be a little bit more glam for whatever I'm doing that day, I will do false lashes, bronzer, and blush. Both make up routines, I will use neutral eye shadow.

Eye shadow: Mary Kay in the shades - honey spice and amber blaze & Urban Decay Naked 2 basics mini pallet


If wet, I add leave in conditioner by Monat, blow dry with the Monat blow out cream OR leave it wet to dry naturally especially in the summer time but if dry, I use dry shampoo by Monat and do whatever style I feeling that day.

Creating a routine that is simple that you can incorporate into your mornings, can help you be more productive. Also, can help you get out the door a bit more quickly.



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