• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

When I figuring out what posts I should create for this year, one that I thought was interesting was doing a bucket list. But reversed, to reflect on everything I have accomplished instead of feeling rushed to get it done.

I have accomplished and checked many things off in my 23 years. So here it is:

1. Mexico

2. Japan (Tokyo and area)

3. Alaska (Skagway, Denali, Hyder, North Pole, Fairbanks, Dyea)

4. California (L.A., San Diego, Sacramento)

5. Michigan (Vanderbilt, Mackinac)

6. Alberta (Jasper, Edmonton, Calgary)

7. Yukon (Dawson City, Whitehorse, Carcross)

8. Dawson City Sign Field

9. Disney Land and Universal Studios

10. Sea World

11. Niagara Falls

12. Ontario (all over because it’s my home province)

13. Traveled most of British Columbia (second home province)

14. Graduated high school with my Dogwood Diploma

15. Swam with dolphins

16. Swam with a sea lion

17. Wrote an "ebook" called Unfold

18. Liard Hotsprings

19. Created 2 businesses

20. Have and made an international friend from Japan

21. CN Tower

22. Ripley's Aquatic Museum

23. Saw my first baboon, capybaras, snow monkey, albino lions, albino raccoons, zebra, lemurs, kangaroos, albino python, squirrel monkey

24. Sauble Falls

25. Tried Chick Fil A for the first time

26. Penny, BC

27. Moved across province and going to be doing that again soon

28. Graduated college with 11 certifications

29. Started a blog

30. Got my own car

31. Become a social media influencer

32. Started a YouTube channel

33. Tired In N’ Out Burger for the first time

34. Got my class G license(Ontario)(class 5 which is your full license what it’s called here in BC)

35. Went to Trader Joe's for the first time (we need one here in Canada)

36. Went to Jade City where Jade Fever is filmed

There is still a lot that I want to accomplish and have on my bucket list. So what is on your bucket list and what have you accomplished so far?



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