• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

I know school can be a stressful time for all of us. So I wanted to help you all be prepared for this upcoming school. My advice I have used since I began going to college, which was 5 years ago! I'm finally on my last of schooling, like finally. LOL. I hope you all find this advice useful and insightful.


  1. use a planner and a calendar app - i recommend the calendar app Readdle. it's easier to plan and have a "double" copy of your schedule

  2. plan out your week - when you have assignments due, test and quizzes coming up, your work schedule, family time, and time to spend with friends and significant other

  3. use google docs to do all your assignments and notes - if you forget your laptop at home, you can just login in on a school computer and print off your stuff

  4. highlighters to highlight key terms and key points in your assignments, tests, and quizzes - this is how i can understand the content better, breaking it down can help you get a better understanding what the professor is asking you to answer

  5. bring snacks and a water to class especially if you have those 3+ hour class and lecture days

  6. download tubify for free music to listen to during class time when you are getting your work done

  7. ask for help, some professors offer office hours - take advantage of that

  8. use the tutor services provided at the college / university especially if you have a class you are having a hard time getting the material

  9. use the timer app on your phone to use for time management for your study and assignment periods to get stuff done - set the timer for 1 hour to get material stuff done and a 15-25 minute timer to take your break and stretch

  10. stretching can truly help your back and hips after sitting for a good period of time

  11. get a good night sleep - take something to help you sleep if you are going to have a late night

  12. pack a lunch - sometimes the cafeteria food can be hit or miss

  13. get blue lens glasses to help your eyes if you're going to be doing a lot of computer work

  14. have your chargers with you - omg we have all learnt our lesson on this

Best of luck.



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