• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

Mornings are the time for yourself and you alone. By having a routine, it allows you to start your day off smoothly. I know when I’m living back home, my morning routine is different then my routine when I’m living in British Columbia.

I love when I’m back that I can make a coffee and go sit on the back deck then listen to the sounds of nature. To hear Osker the blue heron, the frogs talking, and the birds chirping with the lake heron waves crashing along the shore. It’s those types of mornings that put me in a good mood for the day.

But here in BC, I wake up to the sounds of nature since we are near a couple of forest trails and a green belt behind the house mixed with the sounds of traffic coming off the highway a couple blocks away. These types of mornings will make me wake up in a panic mood or just me feel like I’m in a off mood all day.

If you living in two different places throughout the year, do you agree with me on this?

Now let’s get into the routine. Turn off the alarm if you have set one or check to see if there is any notifications. If there are notifications that don’t need to be answered right way, leave your phone alone. Go to the bathroom and do what you need to get done. Having a jump start by cutting down the time it will take you to get ready in the morning. So some examples will be skin care routine, putting in your contacts if you wear them, having a shower (body or both with hair washing day if you didn’t do it the night before), and anything else you need to do. Get dressed then go make yourself a cup of coffee and some breakfast.

One of my favorite breakfasts is scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and hash browns (tater tots or cubed). If you wake up in the morning feeling weird, make sure you treat yourself to your favorite breakfast. Afterwards, take any medication you need to take or any vitamins and supplements that are part of your daily routine.

Finally, you can finish getting ready for your day and able to check your phone.

When I’m back home my routines normally go like this. And I try my best to follow it through here in BC, but there are mornings I will check my phone.

I hope this helps you get in the habit of having a routine in the morning or helps you change up your routine.



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