• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew!

Anytime you go home or have to leave home, you continuously thinking that you will be leaving a familiar sight behind. Having that small part of you feeling sad and wondering when you will return again. Everyone loves that feeling when they return home.

You leave a familiar sight behind because your work is not needed there no more but needed else where. Wherever that new place is, you will learn and grow to bring new knowledge and insight when you return.

But after you leave, what location is calling you? Wherever you end up, just know that you work is needed there for a reason. That reason is because people want an insight. An insight to see how your content will change and to see if there is a new vibe to it.

I think leaving a familiar is like a learning to fly on your own. To spread your wing and to see where you land. Yes, you might bounce around different locations. Bouncing around different locations can be also good for you in mental way. Finding new ways to be balanced and to become clear on your vision for what your biz based on.

Exploring new locations can help you grow different areas of your biz. Trust me when I say that because that is one of the ways I'm growing my biz is by traveling. Traveling opens new doors for you when you least aspect it.

Something I wrote on my IG page (@megalison_) was: My time and work is not needed here anymore but needed else where. This journey home has taught and showed me things in a new perspective. I have grown in strength and knowledge. Being and coming home was much needed to take a break from work and for myself.

I wrote on that caption on my last day being home and was heading back to the airport early next morning.


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