• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

I hope everyone is having a good start to this new month.

I had the privilege to take time off work from my part time job and transfer to working for myself full time. OMG what a stress-free change it has been. I’m absolutely loving this new lifestyle and glad I made the change.

I toke a leap of faith and started another new business. In 2 weeks, I made $300.00! Like what, all I did was just work from my phone and laptop. It’s that simple. I can easily help you guys get there. It feels goods to be making an income while I have to the freedom to be back in my homeland and explore.

This lifestyle so far has been:

  • Follow my own rules

  • Create my own schedule

  • No alarms

  • Create what I want to create

  • Complete financial freedom

  • To able to work from anywhere

  • Able to work from my phone and laptop

  • Get paid every Friday

  • Have a team that is doing the same thing I’m doing and have that support

  • Team calls and chats to boost everyone up

  • Able begin to focus on Nomad Adventures Co, Nomad Advt Co Photography, and Naturally Based Anti-aging Products

  • And so much more

Everyone says it impossible to do this type of lifestyle, well no it’s not. Just take to leap of faith and watch it pay off. You must be determined and have the right attitude to just go for it. When something comes up like a opportunity, contract with a new a company, a move, a trip, etc. Are you going to take the leap of faith even though you don't know where it will take you? I say go for it and see where it takes you. The new adventure awaits for you to challenge it and see how it will change you + your perspective.

Take the leap and accept the new challenge. Like challenge accepted.


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