• Meg McClymont


Hey nomad crew. If you follow me on Instagram (if not, it's @megalison_) you know that I have been talking a lot about being vulnerable in different situations and times. How it's okay to show that side of you but only when it's necessary.

When you become vulnerable, your emotions are telling you are needing the extra boost in the communication field. I know since coming back from being home, my emotions have been more sensitive than normal but in order to correct and fix that problem is talking. Talking in communicating with the people who are close to you and allowing them to see that you're vulnerable and need help. You are allowed to ask for help when things are making you become this way. And there is nothing wrong with it.

We all go through moments where you will allow certain situations to be expressed and show the social media that you are going through a vulnerable time but there is a time where you shut out. Shut out and not show the social media world how you are truly feeling. I know you just feel like breaking down and crying. In all honesty, that does help release some of the pressure that has been built up inside of you. There is also a different ways to release the pressure inside of you by doing self-care, therapeutic shopping, treating yourself to a coffee and a treat from the coffee shop, ... Find something that will boost your mood and bring a little sunshine back into your life.


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