• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew.

I thought it was about time that I finally get around to address this topic for you all.

I have any of you ask me how I got started and had the level of success I have had since starting, even though, having only have little over 320 followers. Well, first question to think about is: Would you rather have over 20k of followers and 1/3 of them actually being your active followers or have between 300-9000 followers and 3/4 of them actually being your active followers? The correct answer is the second one. Why? Those 3/4 of followers that are engaging, commenting, reaching out to you, and liking your posts will give you the best activity for your feed.

But before we get into all that, let's break it down.

1. What is your brand all about?

Let's start with the basics of what is your message, image, and content that surrounds your brand all about. By breaking it down into the three subcategories, you will get the first category which is Branding. This show your audience what you will be providing them. By showing them, you will find followers in your audience that will be able relate to you in some way. When you have that small portion of your audience that are able to relate to you more a personal level, they end up becoming your friends.

2. What do you want to give to make your brand stand out?

Making your brand stand out, you will have your image that you're presenting. Ways that will help you give to make your brand stand out is:

  • work with other and different brands and companies

  • find your content colours that will stand out in all of your posts

  • highlights to save the captures from IG Stories and IGTV (pinterest has some good highlight covers for you to use)

  • be authentic and vulnerable

Find ways that will help you boost your self-motivation to be able to come out of your shell. No one wants someone that will post but still be a turtle hiding in the shell. The audience wants you to be a curious and open freedom owl, knowing when to be vulnerable, open, wise, preach, and so forth.

3. How will you form your brand that will be part of your business?

Your brand will be the foundation but also, the foundation in which your biz will sit upon. Having a strong and well developed brand, your biz will have a good platform to base it around. Meaning, your biz will represent a good chunk of your brand. Brand is all about your lifestyle and who you are as a person. Who you are as person, is going be engraved into your biz in one way or another.

1. What is your business going to be about?

Your biz should be representing your brand. But here is where it gets tricky, your biz is going to be selling your brand. Lol, did I get you all stumped on that? Well, I mean say your brand is all about lifestyle, traveling, and self-worth and growth. So, your biz topics will be about those three. Whatever your brand is about, mold the topic(s) into a business format.

2. What will you call your business?

Having a name that represents that topic(s). So, with my brand is all those topics listed above - Nomad is travel, Adventures is lifestyle, Co is self-worth and growth. See how I worked my brand topics into my business name. I suggest playing with this idea until you come up with something unique and that calls you when you finally have that light bulb moment.

3. How will you present your brand and business content?

I think the best way you can display your content is through Instagram and your own website. Having your website, it's a personalized platform that you have full say of the layout, design, the content, and so much more cool features that you will have to discover for yourself. Once you have the website laid out to your liking, create a logo on Canva to officially make to website yours. The logo is something that your audience will recognize.

I hoped this helped you start with the basics of truly getting into creating your own brand and business. Once you start, it's all about research and many successful tries and errors to make the add on's to your b and b work smoothly.

Make you keep up to date on your website.

Make your content juicy and audience grabbing.

Best of luck to all of new entrepreneurs.



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