• Meg McClymont


Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Hey Nomad Crew.

I get a lot of questions on how I can run not 1 but 3 successful businesses with a stats of 15.1 K average monthly viewers and 50+ countries supporting and viewing my social media platforms?!?!

Well the honest truth is being authentic and vulnerable (at your own comfort level) with your audience. They follow you and you alone for a certain reason. Figure out that reason because that will help you more with your drive and brand image (as we discuss a previous blog).

Find and create the content that will bring in a second or third source of income for you. For me, it’s all through social media marketing with my own businesses. Plus I promote, advertise, and sell Monat products. (check out the Modern Nature tab of the website)

I will not advertise or promote any brands or companies I can’t get behind. On my highlight "MY WHY" over on Instagram, I told you want brands and companies I'm involved with and support.

So overall my advice and tips to making a commission as your second or third source of income is:

1. SAM - strategy, action, mindset

2. Have a pattern that will be applied to the areas of your business, content, and lifestyle

3. Filters can help make your content stand out and draw new audience members in

4. Achievement is going to be your investment

5. Selling is the opportunity to sell to influence people who are your potentials to help them reach their potentials

6. 80% of all business work and success comes from your mindset

7. Reach out to other influencers when you need advice or how to figure what how to overcome a bump in the road you are facing in your business. A lot of the time, other influencers will experience the same thing you are experiencing with.

8. Create your advertising and promotional content on Canva, Unfold, Mojo, and Facetune 2. Then use Visco for the filter effects.

9. Create a daily schedule guide to break down your day, week, and month to see where you can post your content and where you can create your content especially if you know you have a trip coming and you need content to ready to go and scheduled before you leave.

10. Make sure you are checking your stats on your content because that will help you boost your income on producing more value to your audience and followers.

11. Keep track your business equipment, inventory, and receipts to put towards income tax season. There will be stuff you can write off.

12. Investment is the key to expansion to your business. So say you need a new laptop for creating your content, invest in that cause then you can write off when income tax season comes around.

I found these help start having success in your growing business. Plus help you start making an income for yourself, working towards financial freedom.

If you need any help or more advice, please reach out and email me. I will be more then happy to hep you and your business.



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