• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew

I wanted to create this blog post to help any of you who suffer from either one or both. I have been dealing with IBS since May 2017 and Gastro since July 2019.

This has been an ongoing battle because before I was diagnosed with both of these, I was diagnosed with Candida. Candida is an overgrowth of bad bacteria yeast in the gastrointestinal tract. So you will get yeast fungal acne and blisters on your scalp, both painful and itchy plus moderate to severe yeast infections. Like I was getting around 8-11 yeast infection PER MONTH! Also with the gastro problem, it already has put me in the emergency twice. So if you are intuned with your body and digestion system, then you will be able to tell if something isn't functioning correctly. Over the years with dealing with IBS and Candida I have learned how to be intuned with my body and digestion. It takes time to get to that point but it's possible.

With dealing with all 3, you have to make so many changes to your diet and have been on medication in order to deal with the symptoms that come with it.

My symptoms may vary for y‘all, but here are my symptoms:

  1. diarrhea (on 2 medications for this, 1 for helping blockage and 1 to stop things from moving too quickly)

  2. mild to severe cramping ( 1 medication for this that help reveals the cramping and a little bit of anxiety medication in it to trick my gastrointestinal track from thinking I’m not stressed)

  3. nauseous

  4. headaches and migraines

  5. tiredness

  6. low-grade fevers

  7. dehydration

  8. appetite is out of whack ( what I mean by this is some days I will have 4-5 meals including snacks then there will be days I have 1 or 2 meals a day with no snacks)

  9. cravings (this one has been driving me bonkers especially on the days I'm all swollen and bloated)

  10. have to avoid certain fruits and vegetables

  11. limit the amount of dairy and gluten I have

  12. no red meats (if I do have the littlest bit, omg I'm doubled over in pain with bathroom runs and cramping that can make me start crying)

My schedule and diet have made a big impact on my life. So I will share with you what non-medications supplements, drinks, and foods that I have been using, taking, or avoiding to help me deal with this. Please consult your doctor from medication that will benefit your level of this condition.

1. B12 vitamin strips

2. Genuine Health fermented organic gut superfood

3. Drink water that is iced (helps control the nauseous)

4. No red meat only white meats like chicken and turkey (pork is a hit or miss)

5. Little sugar and use Truvia or Stevia sugar instead of white or nectar type sugars

6. Four Sigmatic mushroom products have truly helped the bloating and cramping stay at a minimal

7. Herbal teas are a must especially at night

8. Chaga mushroom tea that you have to make up in the tea bags yourself

9. Dairy-free products for 70% of my diet

10. Rest when you are able to

11. Less processed food, fast food, and sweets

12. Taking the time to read the menu at a restaurant to make sure it's gut-friendly

13. Going on walks

I'm looking trying Arbonne products because they are all-natural based products which it will be easier and lighter on my gut. So if I do start trying them, I will do a post about how I like them and what products I recommend.

Also, I thought I would include some meal and snack ideas that I have been loving but also, doesn't cause any flare-ups of bloating and swelling.


  1. chicken stir-fry

  2. hash scramble (tater tots, eggs, and bacon of your choice)

  3. quesadillas with cheese and heavy sour cream

  4. chicken or turkey, potatoes, and asparagus with a little gravy

  5. toast with tomatoe

  6. toast with cheese

  7. grilled cheese

  8. turkey meatballs homemade

  9. stuffed peppers with ground chicken or turkey

  10. shrimp tacos

  11. salmon

  12. stuffed pasta with pasta rose sauce


  1. rice crackers

  2. kind bars

  3. dairy free cheese

  4. greek yogurt

  5. pretzels (gluten free if your gut is feeling a little crampy that day)

  6. organic cereal with lactose free milk

  7. vegan protein shakes

I hope this helps you all in some way or another. Take all the time you need to heal and rest.



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