• Meg McClymont


If you are away from home because you moved away from your family or just going to school. I know it's hard at first because you are getting use to a new location, surrounds, overall vibes, culture difference: language, pronunciation of words, different terms for the same word, not having the same products you are use to buying, driving around, etc.

For me going from the East Coast to the West Coast of Canada, oh my goodness, that was a adjustment for sure. The biggest struggles I had and still have to this day are the different terms for the same words, East Coast accent which is very common here in Canada, products being different like bagged milk back home and having the jugs or cartons of milk here in BC, not being able to have some of my favourite foods: Beaver Tails, ice cream dots, homemade - fresh cut fries and hamburgers + veggie burgers, Southern Cherry Cheesecake ice cream, fresh water fish tacos, and the hidden gems: hiking trails, lookouts, and swimming spots + beaches.

My advice is trying to find time to drive or fly home, have an item or object with you that reminds you of your home, stay in touch with family, stay in touch with your friends back home to spill the tea on everything you are missing out on, set your phone background to a picture that is your favourite spot in your home area, and just remind yourself home will always be there.

Yes you can leave home but home will never leave you. It'll always be a part of you no matter where you live.


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