• Meg McClymont


Do you know what the overall best feeling is Nomad Crew?

It's the feeling of when you can finally return back to your hometown.

That feeling of anxiety being lifted off your shoulders because you are relaxed with no worries. No worries of how your neighbors have been when you are able to see those tight-knit friends and those family members that the only way to talk to them when you aren't home is by phone. Talking or even texting family members isn't the same as talking to them in person. I think having a deep chat and a serious ramble of endless conversation that last hours to the point you look at the clock and it's already 2 or even 3 in the morning.

Everyone needs a good catch up session when you return home.

After a good ramble lasting hours in the night until morning, you wake up in that comfortable bed that you have missed. Then you realized you need to get into a "new" routine which I know will through anyone off. Because you got so a custom to the routine you have created when you were living away from home.

Creating a "new" routine can actually be a good thing. You are able to start fresh and able to create new habits along with it. Habits that will stick with you for a while after you leave home again.

Creating habits can help you in many ways. Like being more carefully with your money so you are able to travel again, how were and now spending money, really asking yourself if you actually need it, budgeting so you can get more out of the money you get on that bi-weekly paycheque, making bed more often, drinking more water and fluids, eating healthier, listening to yourself and body to what it actually wants, ... Habits are a creation that happens when we are thrown into a new surrounding/ situation.

While being home, take the chance to disconnect from everything but allow yourself once a day for 30 mins to an hour to do a quick check to see what is going on away from home.

To be honest, I did this method when I went home this summer and man what a difference came out of it. I was able to really focus on being home, surrounding myself with family, friends, and neighbors that I haven't seen in at least 2+ years. Which is crazy how much time flies. But while I disconnected myself, I was able to truly focus on Nomad Adventures Co. and what I wanted to do for this little family that has been created aka the Nomad Crew. I figured out what the best steps were to grow and create content that will allow more growth and new members to come in and what projects I can work on then bring out. I also figured out adventures I want to do in 2019, which might involve an international trip!

Overall go home when you are needing that boost to reground yourself and see those people who need you the most plus who are missing you the most.


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