• Meg McClymont


Updated: Apr 18

Hey Nomad Crew

There are several different health products that I use on a regular and daily bases. I do have Candida, IBS, Gastritis, and Hypoglycemia (minor case).

The products have been recommended through a nutrition I saw. So consult with doctor or nutrition on what products, supplements, and vitamins you should be taking for your body. Some of these products such as the Arbonne ones will be safe for you to use.


1. mind health - helps with focus, concentration, brain health/ helps decrease anxiety, stress, depression, and panic attacks

2. fizz - natural energy source, caffeine source, pop and energy drink replacement

3. skin elixir - vegan collagen, helps the growth of your hair and nails, heal imperfects of the skin to clear it up

4. digestion plus - bloating and swelling decreaser, muffin top easer, detoxes the gut to get rid of toxins

5. greens blend - 37 fruits and veggies including yellows, reds, greens, and blues


1. B12

2. Bition 1000 mcg - converts fats, carbs, and proteins into energy

3. Cranberry capsules - vegan formulated capsules

4. Garlic oil - seriously is a must, highly recommend this one for you all, the health benefits are endless / use it for all my health conditions and when I'm sick


1. mushroom products and supplements - talk to your nutrition or doctor which ones will be beneficial for your health / I'm currently taking 6 different types of mushrooms: chaga, cordyceps, turkey tail, lions mane, shiitake, and ashwagandha

2. genuine health gut support no bloat powder that you can add to your water

During these times, it’s important to get your health in check for when you are able to be outside again.



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