• Meg McClymont


Updated: Apr 13, 2019

This odd term means Getting Your Shit Together. It's a method of cleaning and organization of the area and space you are living in. I use this method one day out of the week that I have scheduled in to get everything done that has been "left on the back burner" of things and errands that got pushed behind throughout the next. By having a method that is broken down into three simple and easy to follow categories: Work, Beauty,and Chores.

* A YouTuber named Kalyn Nicholson came up with this name. Her channels are: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CZmKnJbjGWAzJd6cIVUMg and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh2_ulpQc_57Tcf49eSEmHA

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