• Meg McClymont


Hey Nomad Crew

These past few months when everything from our daily normal of a routine was turned upside down and we had to adjust to a new normal. Which can play and have a toll on our mental health, emotions, the mindset of how we do and see things, how we had to learn to adjust to our space. After times of learning and adjusting to this new norm, we start to feel trapped in a sense with our space and craving an adventure to get outside plus be social.

Being social is great for our mental health because it can help us stay grounded. If you are the type of person that resonates with being outside to get your creative juices following, I know how you feel. We try to figure out what new goals that we can now accomplish with everything being turned into a new norm. And what goals you set at the beginning of the year is still do-able during these times.

It's all about the perspective and the outlook to see the bigger picture. Yes we are "stuck" inside but are we really? There are things you can do outside the house and still be following the rules as more and more restrictions are to loosen up. It's about trying to find a win-win solution in this matter and what you want to do.

As we start to come out of this, well feels like, a long awaited hibernation that is coming to the end. Yes our bodies and minds aren't in the state that you might want it to be but you have to learn from what skeleton's you are starting to bring out of your closet that people are going to start noticing. Make a list of skeletons that need growth and the ones that need a glow up. Growth in your mental health and mood/ emotions area and glow up in your body, skin, and appearance.

By focusing on these two categories and how you will slowly but still embrace them, to show yes I am proud of these skeletons. And yes, I'm working through it, 2020 isn't over yet, we are just getting started. Adjusting to our new habits and routines that have become part of the new norm we are living in. It's times like these that we have to take the extra time to check in with ourselves and to help that inner + higher self out. Healing different areas of your skeletons will help your growth and glow up to be a lot stronger and brighter in the end.

I did an oracle card reading for us for what the rest of 2020 will be and how we will learn from this quarantine norm.


  1. 2 of cups (connection/ bond/ love)

  2. 5 of cups ( heavy emotions)

  3. sun (joy/ enlightenment/ radiance)

  4. temperance (blending/ moderation/ balance)


  1. king of pentacles (suggesting courage/ realizing intelligence/ success coming)

  2. 5 of wands (the struggle of the search after_____ {whatever you are facing})

  3. knight of pentacles (interest/ responsibilities)


  1. a personal issue reaches resolution - full moon in cancer (mediate to soothe heightened emotions/ time for you to step and agree to overcome your insecurities

  2. look at the bigger picture - full moon in sagittarius (be confident/ find a balance between speaking your mind and say too much)



Take this carding however you like to. This quarantine has taught me the cards hold the answers and the truth. If you feel like you need to get a better head space, start journaling and check out my weekly reflection series.



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