• Meg McClymont

Grocery Shopping Tips &Tricks #2

Hey Nomad Crew.

So since I have gotten a lot of positive responses from my last grocery tips & tricks blog post, I thought I would do another one.

Do you want this to a be series? If so, just let me know in the comments.

Let's continue onto the next list of tips & tricks:

  1. buy in packs or cases - cheaper per quantity

  2. understand the Costco prices ($x.99 are full prices, $x.97 are marked down for clearance, $x.00 or $x.88 are manager markdowns, * are discontinued items, $x.49/79 manufactures special offer + usually apply to products which are having a trail run and are usually priced cheaper than their retail price)

  3. understand the Walmart prices ($x.x7 are the original price, $x.x5 are the first markdown price, $x.x1 are the final markdown, prices with this mark won't be discounted anymore)

  4. download the Walmart App if you ever shop there - there is a barcode scanner you can double check the price of the item you are wishing to purchase, if it is marked wrong $10 or less, you will get the one product for free and the rest of the products for the correct price because of the scanning code of practice

  5. figure out what item are best for freezing

  6. get canned veggies and fruit if you are going to have a busy week *go to meals

  7. use coupons

  8. store will offer memberships prices, discounts, and points system

  9. look at sale pricing (ex: 6 for $6.00 vs $1.87 for 1)

  10. some products will come with coupons

  11. look to see if you Visa or MasterCard gives you points when you buy groceries

  12. understand what your food intolerances, tolerances, and allergies are before you go shopping

I hope this round of budget friendly advice helps you all out.



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