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Updated: Apr 13, 2019

I know we are all on a budget, trying to save money for trips, saving up for a big purchase or several big purchases,just make it through paying the bills, etc.

These tips and tricks that I have came up with over the years since I started buying my own groceries at the age of 16. My advice will allow you to get the best for buck, make sure you are not over spending, and still allowing you to stay within your budget.

So here are my tips & tricks:

1. make 5 categories for the price amount ($5, 10, 20 - 49, 50 - 99, and100+)

2. MAKE A LIST for the food, personal, house, other, etc items

3. set a estimated budget depending on your list

4. look for sales and discounted items before you go shopping

- stores only do this to make room for new stock coming in

- flyers are the best ways to look for the sales

- discounted items will find throughout the store

- only get the discounted items if there is NO: smell, damage, icks, yucks, and leaks are the common ones you look for

5. organic products

- do some research on what items and produce you should be buying organic

- if you have a farmer's market in your community during the summer and fall, I recommend you shopping there for most of your produce and other grocery items then pick up the rest at the store

6. plan out some of your meals with what you already have leftover for the previous grocery trip then you only will need to pick up with what you actually need and not come home with extras


- you end up buying foods that aren't on your list and get stuff you don't need

8. bring your own reusable bags because 90% of grocery stores are charging for bags, so by bringing your own, you can save that extra money to go towards your savings, those big purchases, etc

9. once a month do a stock up haul where this will be your biggest purchase of that month

10. if you have those odd time of the month cravings (girls especially), I say screw it and feed the cravings because that will go towards your one splurge of the month from the grocery store

11. pay cash if you can because it will help you visualize on how much you are actually spending at the grocery store

12. store brands are the SAME thing as these big name brands

- cheaper in price but same quality

13. don't rush while you shop

14. get your items in bulk stock if you can because the price per weight will be cheaper

15. be careful with bulk pin purchases because they can add up in price compared to the already measured out per bagged bulk items

16. buy your sandwich meats from the deli inside of getting it prepackaged

17. get the bulk meats from a butcher or from the meat section of the store

18. understand the dates that come on the products

19. when making the list, do a check around the house what you actually need to pick up and running low on

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